Catering unit

Fairground Catering Unit
  • Constructed to our own design
  • Lowers to the floor to look like an American dinner
  • Sells a variety of traditional fair ground food such as candyfloss, toffee apples, hot dogs and hamburgers.
  • Can be used to sell anything your event requires.

Cup and saucers

Cups and Saucers fairground ride
  • 18 ft diameter (5½m)
  • Childrens' ride
  • Quick set up and dismantle time



Formula One fairground ride
  • Childrens convoy ride
  • Ideal for young children
  • 28 by 20 ft (8½m x 6m)
  • Quick set up and dismantle time

Lifting jets

Lifting Jets fairground ride
  • Childrens' ride
  • Lifting arms
  • Suitbale for young children
  • 22ft diameter (6¾n)
  • Quick set up time


Fun bag bouncy castle

Bouncy Castle fairground
  • Modern day bouncy castle
  • Suitable for children of all ages
  • Fully inclosed and safe
  • Up to 18 children at a time
  • 28ft square (8½m sq.)

Inflatable slide

Inflatable Fairground Slide
  • A favourite with most children
  • 28ft square (8½m sq.)
  • Can arrive on day of event
  • Quick set up and dismantle time


Waltzer fairground ride
  • One of the all time favourite fair ground rides
  • 50ft diameter (15¼m)
  • 4 hours set up time
  • 3 hours dismantle time

Carousel (Merry-Go-Round)

Carousel fairground ride
  • One of the earliest fair ground rides
  • A traditional family ride for all ages
  • 36 2 seater horses
  • 42ft diameter (13m)
  • 6 hours set up time
  • 4 hours dismantle time


Dodgems fairground ride
  • Traditional family ride
  • Popular with the young and old
  • 22 cars each seats 2 people
  • 80ft by 50ft (24½m x 15¼m)
  • 4 hours set up
  • 3 hours dismantle

Rocking Tug

Rocking Tug fairground ride
  • New modern family ride
  • Sutible for all ages young and old
  • 24 seats
  • 40ft long 28ft wide (12m x 8½m)
  • Set up time 2 hours
  • Dismantle time 1hour 30 minutes

Miami Aftershock

Miami Aftershock fairground ride
  • A white-knuckle thrill ride.
  • Ideal for limited space venues
  • Quick set-up time, can arrive on the day of your event
  • 18 seats
  • 50ft long 15ft wide (15¼m x 4½m)
  • Set up 1 hour
  • Dismantle 1 hour